Certify sequential, related data and the associated interconnections.

Use Kensei Connect to ensure the integrity of sequential documents and data, and associated interconnections, by creating secure, unbreakable, tamper-proof logs.

You and your customers will
Ensure the authenticity of business-critical data

Eliminates the need for a third-party guarantee of data immutabilty.

Achieve regulatory transparency

Reduces the cost and time required to conduct an audit.

Mitigate security risks

Adds a layer of data security that’s powered by mathematical proof.

How it works
Document is being
Upload your data into Kensei
Connect via the API
notarisation function
is triggered
Time, existence and
documents relationship are
being certified
Allow 3rd party auditors to audit your data independently upon receiving access rights from you
Example use cases
What can you build with Kensei Connect? Learn more about the use cases below:
IoT Auditing
By leveraging Kensei Connect auditors can verify the integrity of IoT data and make data-driven decisions with confidence that critical logs have been maintained correctly.
IoT sensors report
on road traffic
Kensei Connect aggregates
time-ordered traffic
Regulatory body
verifies traffic
Supply chain tracking
Supply chain solutions can be integrated with Kensei connect to guarantee tamper-proof evidence trails and increase transparency among different stakeholders. Connect can aggregate data from multiple sources and give consumers visibility of the entire life cycle of their purchases.
Factory equipment
records original
product data
Distributor records
product condition
and delivery info
Kensei connect sequences
events from across the supply
chain into a single chain of
notarised events
Product life-cycle
verified by the
end customer
Banking platform
Kensei Connect allows multiple events to be recorded simultaneously, allowing critical business functions (e.g. Banking) to occur atomically. Connect allows for powerful workflows that benefit from greater certainty in data while minimizing processing errors.
User initiates a
transfer to another
Kensei connect creates an
atomic event to debit sender’s
account and credit recipient's
Sender notified of
successful transfer
Recipient receives
Benefits of simplified development
Sequential Notarization
Easily add tamper-proof sequential notarization function to your solution, allowing customers to notarize files or events and links between records of any type via an API, generating a certificate that provides publicly verifiable proof of its timestamp, integrity and authenticity.
Parallel Notarization
Allow your customers to add notarised records to more than one stream of events in parallel. Records are atomic and are appended to all target streams - or none at all.
After the document of a file is notarized, enable customers to verify it from any device at any time, directly from your solutions’ user interface or manually through the blockchain ledger.
Key Features
Blockchain Native Capabilites
Kensei Connect utilises native blockchain capabilities enabling you to notarise sequentially and in parallel the multiple streams of you data, that can easily be verified by any 3rd party
Independent verification
Verify notarised files either throught the build-in interface or via public sources. As long as there’s access to the blockchain, anyone can check from any device at any time.
Smooth integration via API
KENSEI Certify API enables tight integration with any appliction with the ability to tie the service’s backend into a user interface
Notarize and certify documents and data.
Part of Kensei Platform
Discover other products that exist on Kensei platform. Built for Managed Service Providers to ensure data and computational integrity.
Notarize and certify documents and
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Run and verify code for your application or service, and the data it uses and produces.
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