Data without question

Build new products or enhance an existing product with tamper-proof data and compute functionality.

"Kensei is seamlessly integrated into our own platform to provide the certainty our clients require for their business verification and Business KYC (KYB) needs. Clients have absolute proof that KYB checks were completed against the primary source for the company in question and at the time claimed."

Peter Bainbridge-Clayton

Data Integrity Elevates Any Data Product

Building on the blockchain is tricky business and requires specific expertise. That's why we developed Kensei, the interface that removes the complexity of writing and retrieving data from the blockchain. Developers can focus on the solutions that enterprise and others can use to verify their data as well as the computations performed on it.
Clear, intuitive APIs

A set of APIs that are simple to invoke and efficient to use because they were built by developers, for developers.

Seamless integration

Introduce data integrity to your products and services. No need to change existing workflows.

Managed and scalable

Kensei is fully managed and scalable. No servers to provision and no concern over growth or capacity.

Enterprise-grade data and computational verification for managed service providers
  • A clear and simple, yet powerful product-set that provides the means for you to verify and certify your data, and the actions you perform upon it.

  • A foundational layer that takes care of the otherwise complex task of writing, verifying and retrieving data to and from blockchain.

  • A secure, scalable blockchain provides the immutability essential to deliver data integrity.

Enhance your existing products and services with the assurance of tamper-proof data verification
Reduce risk

It really doesn't matter how relevant the data might be if its integrity can't be relied upon. And when data can't be relied upon, business processes and decision-making create risk. Risk that can damage reputations and even topple businesses. Kensei reduces that risk.

Improve decision-making

Make decisions and perform actions informed by data you know you can trust, rather than data you believe you can trust.

Lower costs

The assurance of using and processing verified and certified data reduces exposure to risk and with it, the often costly insurance associated with managed service provision.

Increase revenue

Verified data and increased control of data opens up entirely new ways to monetise data.

Discover KENSEI products

Notarize and certify documents and data.

Certify sequential, related data and the associated interconnections.

Run and verify code for your application or service, and the data it uses and produces.