Core Data

Transform business processes with tamper-proof document verification and certification.

"Kensei enables us to guarantee the integrity of the data that forms the cornerstone of our work to transform the way people share and use data in healthcare and beyond, including our vision of a single, global, interoperable healthcare record that can be relied upon by patients and the healthcare industry."

Louis Martinez
How it works
Let your data work for you
Harness enterprise-level data integrity

Kensei creates indelible, tamper-proof document references that provide absolute assurance of data integrity.

Replace faith with fact, using logic-based notarisation

Create indelible fingerprints of your documents for tamper-proof notarisation, drastically reducing risk and insurance premiums.

Certify data integrity

Issue a Certificate of Data Integrity, providing absolute assurance of your document veracity.

Typical usage in enterprise business

Audit and Accountability

Minimise risk, ensure compliance and reduce costs with indelible, certified notarisation and audit trails.

Rights Management

Create, manage and provide irrefutable proof of rights of ownership and transferral.

Asset Management

Create and manage confidential, secure, and unequivocal tracking of fungible assets.

Claims Management

Provide evidence of the validity of tickets and access mechanisms to protect property, identity, privacy and copyright.

Kensei. Trust the data you rely upon.