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Kensei products remove the complexities in writing, retrieving and managing data on blockchain.

"Kensei is seamlessly integrated into our own platform to provide the certainty our clients require for their business verification and Business KYC (KYB) needs. Clients have absolute proof that KYB checks were completed against the primary source for the company in question and at the time claimed."

Peter Bainbridge-Clayton

Discover Kensei products

Core Data Management

Replace faith with fact, using a range of functions that provide true data integrity.

Advanced Data Management

All the assurance of data integrity of Core Data Management, but with the added benefit of linking related documents to form a log or series of logs.

Typical Usage in Enterprise Business

Audit and Accountability

Minimise risk, ensure compliance and reduce costs with indelible, certified notarisation and audit trails.

Rights Management

Create, manage and provide irrefutable proof of rights of ownership and transferral.

Asset Management

Create and manage confidential, secure, and unequivocal tracking of fungible assets.

Claims Management

Provide evidence of the validity of tickets and access mechanisms to protect property, identity, privacy and copyright.

Kensei. Trust the data you rely upon.