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Kensei products remove the complexities in writing, retrieving and managing data on blockchain.

"Kensei is seamlessly integrated into our own platform to provide the certainty our clients require for their business verification and Business KYC (KYB) needs. Clients have absolute proof that KYB checks were completed against the primary source for the company in question and at the time claimed."

Peter Bainbridge-Clayton

Discover Kensei products

Kensei Certify

Replace faith with fact, using a range of functions that provide true data integrity.

Kensei Connect

All the assurance of data integrity of Kensei Certify, but with the added benefit of linking related documents to form a log or series of logs.

Kensei Compute

Replace faith with fact, running and verifying code for your application or service, and the data it uses and produces.

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Write onto the blockchain
Certificate of data integrity
Access and verify your data
Write into blockchain
Tamper-proof records
All records are tamper-proof and timestamped.
Stream connectivity
Links between documents are tamper-evident and timestamped.
Sequential documents
Data can be recorded as a collection of sequential records.
Notarise documents
Notarise your data and confidentially expose its provenance by timestamping its fingerprint on the blockchain.
Certificate of data integrity
Send from platform
Send of a certificate of data integrity directly from Kensei.
Keep on platform
Retain certificate of data integrity on Kensei.
Hybrid from/on platform
Maximum flexibility in retaining and/or sending certificates of data integrity on or from Kensei.
Access and verify your data
Real time verification
Monitor the collection of your data live, verifying records as they are added.
Authentication of integrity
Independently verify and ensure the integrity and authenticity of your data.
Sequencing of records
Independently sequence records across collections of data.
Third party authorisation
Provide authorized third parties with access to data and certificates.
Data storage on-platform
Retain data on-platform, for subsequent access and/or computation.
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If you are a software vendor looking to enhance your products with Kensei features, get in touch to learn how we are doing so, and how we can work together.


Integrators use their expertise to embed Kensei functionality within the many varied systems they configure and deploy.


Consultancies refer to Kensei as the benchmark for enterprise data integrity, and draw on the expertise of the Kensei team to advise on deployment strategies.


Platform businesses use Kensei APIs to create immutable audit trails, mitigate risk of claims and reduce insurance premiums.